Traffic Run (MOD, Free Shopping)

Car driving games attract a lot of players around the world, so many of them are released regularly. Traffic Run! is a game that you control a car but is not a simulation game; it is a casual game. Since its launch now, this game has gained more than 5 million downloads on Google Play.


Cross the streets without hitting cars and get to the goal

It is a simple operation game, with gameplay that has been adopted by many game creators. But in this game, there are separate points that make the game more different than its brothers. First of all, you will find that its mechanism of action will be customized to suit the context better as well as it adds a lot of fun images of a crowded city. The color of the game is adorned with a lot of bright and eye-catching tones, showing a vibrant, appealing player. The full 3D design is sure to make the game more lively. Players will adventure through many different paths to reach the destination. Thanks to that, you will be able to visit many exciting places in this massive city. Sometimes you have to hurry through the vast ancient coins, calmly wait for the train, or squeeze in a bunch of cars trying to get up to go faster.



When participating in Traffic Run!, Players must control a car to move between crowded lanes and reach their destination. Players do not need to overestimate the speed of the car; just be careful not to touch other cars. If at that moment you change lanes accidentally crashing into another vehicle, you will lose or while walking on the road without being dexterous, causing a collision also lose. But if you do not touch anyone, when you reach your destination, you will receive the rewards. On the way, there will be bonus gold coins. Getting them is good, if it’s too dangerous, don’t be greedy, maybe it’s a trap.


The way to control the car is easy when you only need one finger to be able to operate it. Your car will automatically move straight ahead; even when passing through the turn, it will automatically control. Your task is to touch the screen if you want it to stop and release your finger when you want the car to keep moving. At the end of the road will be a finish line; you will have to continually move until you reach that point to be considered victorious.


After the laps, you will earn a certain amount of reward. You can freely use it to upgrade your car and even buy more cars. Each car has a different shape, so it is certain that the playing experience will have variations. Besides, each stage is different; the laps are also customizable and definitely more and more difficult. Basically, in the early stages, the bends will be sparse, and the density of the car will not be too hasty. Later, you will constantly be changing lanes, and even when you enter a lane, the surrounding vehicle is so crowded that if you don’t keep calm, the car behind will crash.

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