Space Commander: War and Trade (MOD, Unlimited Skill Points/Unlocked)

Space Commander (MOD, Skill Points/Unlocked) is a sci-fi game using a future world setting where humans contact new species from alien planets.

At that time, humans could fight and build in new lands, even fight in an endless universe to scramble for abundant minerals. In that game, the player becomes a commander and gets a new life in the endless sandbox genre and interacts with aliens, fighting, collecting items, etc. The player can do almost everything a spaceship commander can do. The most impressive thing is building a private city, establish trading routes, and grooming armies to fight other races.


Space Commander has almost no plot missions but will appear a multitude of missions scattered all over the universe. The player will still have to perform the main tasks because it will guide the player on the game’s functions and the combat mechanism or starship operation. The world inside this game is randomly generated, giving players a new experience every time they land on new planets. Besides, players can participate in countless battles, perform exchanges, collect minerals, and create a secluded city. This game has endless gameplay and has loads of things for players to explore to enjoy their quintessence fully.


Battles in science fiction games often occur in endless universes, where armies use modern starship to fight. That would be no exception with Space Commander, where players can build their fleet to engage in large-scale battles. The fighting mechanics are simple; they are usually derived from the game’s contracts or missions as the player’s task is to destroy a gang, escort, raid, and more with their starship. Of course, players will also have access to an advanced warfare system, which helps them control the entire fleet easily.


Space Commander will bring players to an endless universe, where each other races battle with advanced, fully armed starships. The impressive thing is that players can control a starship and control units built by other races. As long as the player has enough money, they can buy any starship they like. Each starship has its unique characteristics and combat performance, like the number of weapons and equipment it can carry. Of course, players also have to buy weapons and equipment to install on the starship and become the battle principal.


Business and transactions are at the heart of Space Commander, as players can improve their city’s revenue and get their hands on advanced equipment. The transaction mechanism will be the game’s basic instructions on the initial steps, but the player decides the relationship between the colonies through the transaction. Of course, Space Commander will also apply many interesting mechanics in the trading system, giving the player various benefits while managing their cities.


City building is optional, as the player can live a wanderer’s life in the vast universe. City building mechanics are fascinating and impressive, and even players can choose any planet and location to start building the first city. The game will have a separate build interface, allowing players to move, rotate, adjust, and do many other things with a building. Of course, players need to have enough resources and funding to build, as the city will need energy, materials, and food to function. The player’s city is also a place where they resupply, change equipment, store items, and perform many other functions for their starships.


Space Commander puts players in the shoes of a cosmic commander, leading a small, fully armed platoon to do whatever they want. Players can form a new team by recruiting from pubs or the system. But equipping and upgrading members’ starship will still be placed under the player’s sole discretion. From there, they can freely customize their squadron, like changing the starship, equipment, enhancement, and upgrades for each team member. Having a reliable teammate on the battlefield is a key to victory and many attractive benefits.

If you are interested in science fiction sandbox games, then Space Commander: War and Trade will be a new experience for you. You can do whatever you want, like fighting, completing quests, crafting, building, trading, and adventure into new lands.

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