Rogue Land (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Become a superhero and battle hordes of monsters in Rogue Land. This is a beautiful action-adventure game. The world is on the verge of destruction by ancient monsters. As a brave superhero, find more teammates and start your journey to fight them. Each hero will carry different powers. Choose the right heroes for each battle.

Rogue Land


The gameplay of Rogue Land is straightforward. You need to choose the rounds in the order on the map. Move your hero to find the monsters. You will face quite formidable opponents such as ancient dragons, knights, stone monsters, mouse bosses or satyrs,… When you get close to your opponent, your character will automatically advance to attack. You just need to move around, use reasoning skills, win and collect a lot of loot for yourself.

The heroes in the game are also diversely designed with different shapes and skills. It would help if you recruited them during your battle. They could be archers, swordsmen, knights, mages, or something like that. Choose to use these knights for different battles accordingly. In addition, you can also use special skills such as Health Boost, Headshot, and First Aid to finish the battle faster. These skills are compelling but need to be unlocked and upgraded with gold coins. Use them effectively.

Rogue Land Rogue Land


RPG games are quite popular. However, they are often designed with simple content and gameplay, accompanied by unattractive 2D graphics. However, Rogue Land is a bright spot in it. 3D graphics make players feel like they are immersed in a real war.

The map that goes through flaming, icy, or jungle lands will resemble similar monsters. For example, going through the burning land will meet the fire dragon boss, going through the jungle will meet the forest god boss,… These creatures are designed with realistic mythological skills. When using them, the character’s skills are also taken care of, exceptional skills such as Health Boost, Headshot, and First Aid, which will create wonderful effects.

Rogue Land Rogue Land


Rogue Land has 2 different game modes that are adventure and side quest. With adventure mode, you take the knights as far as you can. You have to overcome small gates, collect a lot of gold, gems, and items, and then upgrade your character to become stronger. Use gold and gems to buy even more powerful weapons. Then go into battle and defeat the evil bosses.

However, your playing process is sometimes not so smooth. There are complex gates that will cause you to fail many times. This is when you have to pause your adventure to move on to side quests. Performing side quests, you will win countless gold, gems, and upgrade items. This mode helps you earn an extra source of income, so make the most of it. Now, remember to upgrade your weapons to the maximum and unlock special skills; this is the easiest way for you to continue your journey.

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