Net Blocker (MOD, Premium Unlocked)

You worry about your personal data being stolen or your battery draining when your apps access the internet as soon as you exit them. Net Blocker will give you a safer life as it helps you block internet access for each application. It will mainly help you easily block your applications from accessing the internet without the need for root support and giving you more peace of mind and control over more apps on your phone.


The Simple Apps produces a net Blocker with many professional features for free. Many users are unaware of the dangers of not disconnecting from the internet when you’re not using apps and games. Because the applications in your device when accessing the internet will appear unwanted ads or your personal data will be stolen.

Net Blocker – Block internet per app Net Blocker – Block internet per app

Increase your privacy with this helpful app. Once you own this internet access blocker, you need to go to the Launchable Apps bar, where all the apps and games on your device are centralized. You just need to select Block all to prevent applications from accessing the internet. When you need to use them, just select Unblock all to continue using the apps.


Also, the risks you face when apps are still running in background services even if you have stopped accessing because it has an internet connection. This will lead to much damage to the user as your data usage will skyrocket even though you are not using the app. Start reducing your data usage to save you more money.

So what you use Net Blocker will reverse the risks by blocking applications from accessing the internet. You can easily search for the application you want to block on the Search bar, enter the name of the application you want to block, and start protecting your personal information well.


An app is safe for you because it doesn’t ask for dangerous permissions like location, contacts, messages or memory, etc. The app also doesn’t ask for access permission internet access. In addition, it also does not have annoying ads to save you time when using. That’s why you have peace of mind when using an excellent tool for your phone.

Net Blocker – Block internet per app Net Blocker – Block internet per app


The app will set up a local VPN interface to prevent internet access without root. You should note that apps belong to Google Play that can receive notifications if there is no internet; you need to block Google Play services. If you want your battery to be protected, Net Blocker is also the perfect choice. When your battery is in sleep mode, it doesn’t drain power. You also don’t need to worry about installing apps that will cause lag for your device. This application has a compact size, so it does not take up much space.

Optimize battery, save data, and secure user’s personal information safe by blocking internet access in Net Blocker. Do you already own this valuable application to protect your life today? Quickly get an app that helps you fix any problems, improve your life.

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