My First Makeover (MOD, Unlimited Money)

A light but equally interesting game, My First Makeover, is chased by “crazy” young people. This is a popular video game today, especially for women. Join this game; you will be a famous stylist known by many people. And not surprisingly, you will turn your customers into “fairies” with just a few small changes. Your customers need change, and you will make your customers happy, and they will come back next time.

My First Makeover: Stylish makeup & fashion design


Great, now you can experience this exciting game with your Facebook friends. This can be said to be an opportunity for the people you love to experience and bond with you. This is an online game so that you can meet new friends in the game. You can exchange hearts with your friends. You can visit other directors’ offices and support them.


The journey to starting a new job is arduous and sometimes frustrating. But don’t worry, when you come to My First Makeover, you will be the most caring and wonderful stylist. Let’s change your customers together for the best. By choosing from haute couture clothes, gorgeous hairstyles, eye-catching makeup, and luxurious interior design to give people the makeover they desire. Either way, make the customer perfect.

My First Makeover: Stylish makeup & fashion design


Any era and any moment, having an eye-catching appearance will be an advantage and give you confidence. Your client wants to change his appearance for a new job opportunity. But for the most part, they just want to look good so they can become more confident. Whatever it is, put your whole heart into it to help your customers change like a princess to change their lives.


My First Makeover promises to bring many exciting experiences to customers. This store will carry a variety of fashion styles; maybe it is a renaissance classic or the popular modern styles of today. Not only that, you can choose from a wide variety of clothes and fashionable outfits to create a new look. Not only that, you should makeover for customers so that they achieve their goals and can bravely pursue their dreams.

My First Makeover: Stylish makeup & fashion design


In addition to bringing a new look to customers, when you join My First Makeover, you can decorate a new room to match their personal style. If you decorate beautifully and make your customers happy. They will probably come back again and again with their friends. With each certain style, you have to choose the right hairstyle for them.

You will have to solve the usual puzzles for this game, and it is really addictive for an extra challenge. You can customize your own avatar so everyone can see it clearly. Enjoy hundreds of puzzles with different levels. In addition, you will experience many exciting missions and generous benefits.

My First Makeover: Stylish makeup & fashion design

Now it’s time to start this makeover project and help the client. Once you start experiencing it, you will probably be addicted to its attractiveness. Also, you need to pay attention. If you are experiencing this game for the first time, make sure you save the data so it won’t be deleted and changed.

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