Kumo Sushi Bar (MOD, Unlimited Money)

In Kumo Sushi Bar (MOD, Unlimited Money), you will become a restaurant manager selling Sushi and develop your business career. This exciting game will give you fun adventures about ancient sushi making and inheriting the family legacy. With cute graphics and simple gameplay, you will be realistically role-playing and improve your management skills.

Perhaps for every girl, cooking is the most favorite game genre, right?

Kumo Sushi Bar


Are you sure you yourself can manage everything in the game smoothly without the help of claws? You’ll have to serve a lot of customers at once, so you’ll need to hire well-meaning wacky animal people to assist you with your work. While you decorate the restaurant, these animals will help you run the restaurant by making sushi, collect money to satisfy every customer, and respond to customer requests on time.

Kumo Sushi Bar

Remember to log into the game every day to practice your sushi-making skills and unlock new dishes. Besides, you can also learn about the daily life stories of employees and upgrade your restaurant to become more spectacular to attract customers.

Kumo Sushi Bar


You will play the role of a sushi restaurant manager, and your task in Kumo Sushi Bar is to make a variety of attractive sushi and other dishes for customers. You will start the game with an empty shop and have not decorated anything. Therefore, you have to have a few sets of tables and chairs to serve customers because customers will still be sparse when you first play.

The more you sell, the higher your collection will be. When you play more proficiently, you will use the coins you collect to buy more accessories and tables and chairs to decorate your restaurant; At the same time, you will be able to unlock many new dishes to serve customers.

Kumo Sushi Bar


To help players have a smoother and more wonderful experience, Kumo Sushi Bar has designed an intelligent touch controller. So players can make things easier with this efficient touch. With this great feature, players will be able to get things done faster than ever.


Not only do you perform the task of satisfying customers’ requirements, but you also have to upgrade your restaurant by buying more decorative furniture. You have taken over the ancient heritage and inherited the traditional sushi-making of your family, so your restaurant is decorated simply, but customers will feel the solemnity and antiquity of the restaurant.

Kumo Sushi Bar

You can buy more flower pots, plant more ornamental plants to create an airy space for the restaurant and make customers feel comfortable when eating. In addition, you also have to upgrade the dining table to a higher level with warm colors and many unique table styles that Kumo Sushi Bar offers and increase the number of tables to serve enough customers to the restaurant.


Everything in Kumo Sushi Bar is designed differently from other games. If additional games design graphics in a cartoon style or vivid 3D, the developer of this game has sketched everything with his adorable and clean hands. Although the illustrations are hand-drawn, every object is meticulously sketched and detailed.

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