Journey Decor (MOD, Free Shopping)

Journey Decor MOD will let players experience the colorful and entertaining life of an interior designer through countless match-3 challenges along with light-hearted and humorous stories. The game’s main content will revolve around refurbishing gorgeous and luxurious homes, even allowing players to express their creativity and create an outstanding design. Moreover, players can interact with the designer community to expand their potential and knowledge.

Journey Decor


The first impression of Journey Decor is the quality of its images, to sketch everything vividly and attractively through many different perspectives. It also creates a refreshing and attractive feeling for the luxurious and elegant architecture, stimulating the player’s desire to decorate for each different game mode. Also, the interiors and their colors express the depth and realism within them, making the player more immersive and designing everything to make themselves feel comfortable and satisfied. That’s where the visual quality is impressive, leaving players with multiple perspectives and ready to create outstanding designs for their homes.

Journey Decor


Each interior decoration job needs to progress as players will need stars or keys to decorating each item. Therefore, the game introduces a match-3 puzzle system to create more diverse and lively gameplay for the home decoration genre. When players complete a puzzle, they will receive stars, from which they proceed to choose the color, design, and style of each interior in each room or house.

Journey Decor

Each house will have more than 30 different match-3 challenges. They are all randomly generated and combined with many flexible mechanics to perform the most unique and eye-catching combos. It also combines auxiliary blocks with special effects to stimulate players’ creativity when connecting blocks and to complete specified goals. After completing many puzzles, the game will have many rewards for the player to go further and get out of many difficult situations in the future.

Journey Decor


Journey Decor will introduce a substantial interior library with famous designs from many great manufacturers around the world. They also come in many different colors for players to unlock and widely use in future projects. After players unlock a few pieces of furniture, they can use them in the future, apply their signature styles to various homes, and gain positive impressions from guests or contractors.


Journey Decor will regularly organize many significant events for designers in the community to challenge and express themselves through many unique designs. Of course, everyone’s entries will be judged by the community, thereby honoring and winning many rewards, including bonuses or rare designs that do not exist in the store. It is also a good opportunity for players to name themselves and show off their design skills with various houses or environments.

Journey Decor

The richness and excitement of Journey Decor’s community are considered the most prominent feature of the game. It also combines relaxing gameplay to unleash their design skills and immerse themselves in various luxurious environments created by themselves with their creativity in various concepts and situations offered.

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