GoreBox (MOD, God Mode/One Hit/Ammo)

GoreBox is a game based on extraordinarily violent and highly competitive fighting forms. This is one of the highly suitable games for those who love and are passionate about violent fighting games. You will discover and experience a lot of ferocious and bloody wars. Each story appearing in this game will take you on an entirely new journey with many difficulties waiting for you.



GoreBox’s system will set up a version for every player so you can join the experience before starting the official battles. What factors help every player get acquainted with this game first. And certainly, the stories included in the test version will be as brutal and bloody as the real wars. Many bloody battlefields will be explored and experienced by every player involved in this game.

The tense nature of each battle will keep every player in suspense throughout the journey of this game. Besides, the competition of this game is exceptionally high, so that you will have to face a lot of mighty opponents all over the world. This will also be an excellent opportunity for you to assert your talent and strength to the whole world. So, start the journey to conquer challenges and perform beautiful missions right now with this game.



GoreBox will bring every player extremely unique and new combinations. In particular, you will experience and see the highly creepy bloody combination. To reduce the stress and suspense of every player when participating in the experience and fighting on the battlefields, the game’s system will interweave a lot of highly entertaining elements. Indeed, you will find a lot of fun when participating in this game, and smiles will always be present in your journey. You can join the game in your spare time.



Much of the content contained in GoreBox can be easily created or downloaded by users. Besides, you can also easily customize very separate map modes to serve effectively during the battle. Furthermore, a modified version of this game has been updated and supported for all players. So that you can enjoy extraordinarily wonderful and unlimited entertainment moments when participating in this game. In addition, there are many other extremely convenient supports that this game brings to everyone when you participate in a direct exploration into it.



GoreBox will provide every player with a lot of equipment and items that are extremely rich and diverse. You can efficiently and effectively combine equipment such as cars and explosives to attack and destroy all enemies. A menu of many vibrant and varied items will be selected and used in each battle. Make effective use of all the characters and equipment systems of this game to face many powerful opponents on bloody battlefields.


It is a game with highly high violence and combat, so it is only really suitable for those passionate about violent war elements. Even so, this game also gives players a lot of fun along with laughter around the journeys you join. The meaningful stories that appear after this journey will be a wonderful and beautiful ending for everyone.

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