Age of Fantasy (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Strategy games always have their ways of playing that are completely interesting but challenging for players. In the game Age of Fantasy, players will face many different enemies and try to understand some of the mechanics and types of troops. It is a world with many fantasy elements, so players will like the world that this game brings.

Age of Fantasy


Players will enter a world where there are many different races that you can control inside the Age of Fantasy. Each race has its characteristics, and you will spend a lot of time experiencing their characteristics. At the same time, you will participate in different matches and try to win against other enemies with what you get. In other words, you will use tactics to win the level.

In this game, you can move by swiping the screen to see other areas on the screen. At the same time, you will have yourself an 8-bit environment with characters that are images and can go to places you specify. They can’t perform different actions; you only see their results, like building a house or attacking an enemy. But you still experience a screen full of tactics.

Age of Fantasy


Players enter the match with a primary number of characters and the main house, where you will choose characters with different characteristics. For example, in Age of Fantasy, you will need to distinguish two main characters that help you fight in the game and characters that help you build buildings. Specifically, if you want to make a new house, you’ll need to have one or two characters with related roles do this.

Another strategic feature of some characters is that they can come and capture houses with white roofs. Then, when you go inside, the top will change color to match your character’s color. At the same time, similar to some strategy games, you can also move characters to specific locations and can’t take your eyes off them because sometimes the enemy will attack unexpectedly.

Age of Fantasy

You can see the list of players participating in the match, and different colors identify them. Also, when you’re done with your preparations, you can end the turn so you can see other enemies move your character. Then, when they come to your territory, you can send your army to destroy them to prevent them from entering your facility. Over time, you will need to choose the optimal types of troops, and it will take some time for these characters to appear.


The gameplay of Age of Fantasy is entirely understandable, but players will spend a lot of time experiencing what the game offers. You will need to take care of many different mechanics to develop reasonable and unique strategies, which is essential when playing with other players. Simultaneously, each player will always have to watch out for their enemies because they don’t know what the others are calculating and what is behind the environment fog.

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